Feb. Warehouse

Feb. Warehouse

Link to Schedule a Pick Up Time on Friday

Bidding will end on Wednesday, February 23rd.  3 Lots will close each minute beginning at 6 pm.  (bids placed with less than 3 minutes remaining, resets the countdown timer)

Pick Ups will be by appointment only on Friday, Feb. 25th between 9 am and 4 pm. (we will add a link above after the auction ends to schedule a time) and open pick ups (no appointments required) on Saturday morning between 10 am and 2 pm.

Lots 150750 thru 150919 are located at Jamie's Treasures and are to be picked up there.  (184 Brighton Ave, right around the corner from our warehouse).  You are not required to take everything assigned to a lot, even if a cabinet or bookcase is included - may leave behind if not wanted or leave stuff and just take the cabinet.  Bring Boxes where necessary, nothing is packed up.  It is IMPERATIVE that you pick up on the schedule days - their lease is up - you will be charged for uncollected items and they will be forfeited.

For all pick ups - check in (even if paid ahead) at 124 Hinds Street before heading over to Jamie's Treasures.

Jamie’s asked me to update with the notice that they will open up on Sunday 11-4 to clear out the rest of the things that did not make it into this sale or things that were sold but relinquished by the winning bidder, there will be quite a bit available. Cash and Carry.

Sorry - No Shipping. 

We manually approve all new bidders (we often will give you a call) - expect a delay between registration and your ability to bid.

Sold As-Is.  Mostly we just lay items out on a table and take a few survey photographs, we are not really inspecting and definitely not expressively looking for damage.  If something says "tested ok", just means it passed the quickest of tests and performed it's most basic function, not tested for full functionality.

6% Sales Tax where applicable. 5% Buyer's Premium (waived for cash).  Click on Terms for full Terms and Conditions.

124 Hinds Street, Rochester, Pennsylvania 15074
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