Auction (completed)

Auction (completed)


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Closed on Wednesday, April 13th. 

Sold As-Is.  Mostly we just lay items out on a table and take a few survey photographs, we are not really inspecting and definitely not expressively looking for damage.  If something says "tested ok", that just means it passed the quickest of tests and performed it's most basic function, not tested for full functionality.  We do not guarantee the Authenticity of any item, this is especially true on the Royal Dux Porcelain.  If an item was marked as Royal Dux, we just called it Royal Dux, please do your own due diligence before bidding.

6% Sales Tax where applicable. 5% Buyer's Premium (waived for cash).  Click on Terms for full Terms and Conditions.

124 Hinds Street, Rochester, Pennsylvania 15074
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