Important Notes about Bidding. NEW BIDDERS NEED TO READ.
Lot Number:1
Start Time:9/25/2022 4:00:00 AM
End Time:9/29/2022 10:00:00 PM
Bid Count:0
Starting Bid:$1.00
Bid Increment:$1.00
Current Bid:$1.00
Bidding disabled

First time bidding? Great, thanks for checking us out… Heads up, online auctions can become addicting.

So, what exactly is going on here?

This is an online auction where people have asked us to sell items for them. Our auctions either take place at somebody’s home or business, or they can be held out of our building.

You do need to Register (click on Login/Register) to bid. Once approved, you can start bidding.

We manually approve all new bidders, there will be a delay (could be several hours) between your registration and when you can actually place a bid. Don’t wait until the last moments to register, we may be away from the office and you might not be able to bid in time.

If you register with an address (or credit card billing address) that is not local, please reach out by phone to 724.704.0448 to confirm that you understand that we generally do not offer any shipping and that you have the ability to pick up locally.

You won’t need to register again for future auctions, just Log In with your username and bid.

Our auctions are “Event Based”, meaning everything shown under 1 auction profile will end about the same time on a single evening. That ending date and time are listed at the beginning of the auction in the information section.

Most of our auctions use a “staggered ending”. Staggered Ending means that we will close (end) Lots in a set order at a set time. We tweak the parameters based on what’s best for a given auction, but a typical structure might be “3 lots will close each minute beginning at 7 pm” which means that lots 1,2,3 end at 7:00, lots 4,5,6 at 7:01, lots 7,8,9 at 7:02.

We also generally employ “soft close” endings. Soft Close means that if anybody bids with less than 3 minutes remaining on a lot, the countdown clock will reset back to 3 minutes and will begin to countdown again. This prevents “snipers” (bidding at the very last second), but also more closely emulates a live auction where everybody gets a fair chance to bid until they quit or win.

Watchlist. The watchlist is a feature that allows you to isolate specific items that you are interested in so that you can just concentrate on those, instead of scrolling through possibly 100’s of items that you don’t really care about. Click on the blue icon that kind of resembles the CBS logo, this item is now in your watchlist which is accessible from the navigation bar.

On the night of the sale and once the auction starts to close, the software defaults to only showing you items that are currently “open” for bidding instead of defaulting to show you items that have already ended. If you want to revisit closed items, there is a dropdown box where you can change “open” to “all” so that you can see the closed items too.

Bid Increments. A bid increment is the next amount that you are required to bid in order for your bid to be accepted. Our auctions only accept whole dollar amounts ($1.00, $50.00, $505.00 not $1.23, $50.05). Bid Increments increase as the bidding progresses. Increments are at $1 intervals up to $25, then it jumps to $5 until you reach $100, then it increases $10 up through $500).

This auction allows you to place MAX BIDS - Otherwise known as a Proxy Bid. You may place the highest price that you are willing to pay for an item into the bidding field, the system will bid for you until you are the highest bidder and will continue to bid for you until somebody outbids you. Your bid will never exceed this amount, though it may be less if nobody has or does bid against you. (You bid $100, nobody else bids, you win for $1)

Sometimes you may find that you have been IMMEDIATELY outbid, it is because somebody has already placed their own higher Max Bid on that item and the software automatically placed a bid for them against you. (The current price is $3, you bid $4, but it shows that you have been outbid and must bid $5 to continue. It is because they may have bid $10 on the item 2 days ago)

It is possible for somebody to win at a bid that is higher than yours, but does not meet the next required interval. Meaning you place a Max Bid of $90, but somebody else had already placed a Max Bid of $91 previous to your bid. That $91 bid will stand even though the next required increment would have required an outside bidder to bid at least $95. For you to continue bidding, you will need to up your bid to $96 ($5 more than the current high bid).

TIE BREAKERS - When two bidders place a proxy bid for the same amount or when a straight bidder matches another bidder’s proxy bid, the bidder who placed the bid first will become the Tie Winner. (It’s good practice to round your bids up a few dollars.)

If you win an item, you will receive an invoice in your email (you can also access it from the website, click on Accounts, then Invoices) that tells you what all you were successful in winning.

Each auction will have stated “Pick Ups”. Pick Ups are when you come out and meet us to retrieve the items that you won. These again are Event Based, meaning there are scheduled days and times that are available. Each auction is different but pick ups may be “By Appointment” or they can be “Open Pick Ups”, or a hybrid of those 2. You can’t just show up at a random day or time.

Pick Ups by appointment require you to choose a specific time for you to arrive to pick up your items. We have been using Sign Up Genius to help us keep appointments organized. After the auction ends (after the last lot open for bidding has ended) we will post a web link at the very beginning of the auction. Click on that link, choose a time, enter your name and click on submit. Please be respectful of your chosen time, we may not be able to accommodate you if you are too early and especially, if you did not actually sign up for a slot.

Open Pick Ups will have posted times (for example between 10 am and Noon). If the auction has Open Pick Ups available, you do not need to notify us of your arrival time, just show up.

Coming to pick up items. You need to be prepared for this.

If you buy furniture, you need to bring strong and capable people that can carry it. If the auction is at somebody’s home, you will probably be responsible for carrying it from where we photographed it out to your vehicle and loading it yourself. If something says “second floor”, that means that YOU are carrying it down from the bedrooms. You probably should bring basic tools with you. You definitely should bring blankets and rope. Don’t come expecting help, it may not be available.

If you buy smaller items like glassware. Bring boxes, bring packing materials.

If you miss the Pick Up, please reach out, we definitely understand that “things happen”, that being said, you should expect us to charge your credit card for the cost of goods plus additional fees for storage and handling. For an on-site auction (at somebody’s home) with small and easy to handle items (like a toolbox or something that requires zero additional attention to transport), we will probably tack on $5 per box or lot to bring items back to our warehouse and expect you to pick them up in an expeditious manner. Furniture and lots that require packing will be MUCH more expensive to transport, easily $50 per lot or piece of furniture, depending on size and time requirements. All of these charges are subject to our discretion and basically vary on how much time and effort has been extended onto us because you did not show up as you promised to.

We retain the right to charge your card and FORFEIT your items if you don’t show up.  We will probably also cancel your ability to bid in future auctions.

Please keep in mind, the seller asked us to sell these items because they don’t want them, they don’t want to deal with them. If you bid $4 but don’t show up, everyone else would have been better off if you hadn’t bid and just let the person who only bid $3 come. It’s often not about the price, but getting the items off the property.

The short answer is DON’T MISS THE PICK UPS. You placed a bid, honor the agreement. ( Ask a buddy, ask your Daughter, just send somebody out to get your stuff.)

Another important thing about the auction is that everything we sell is sold AS-IS.

If we know something is not working or damaged, we will probably call it out, however, we are definitely not thoroughly inspecting items. We take a few pictures and move on to the next item. If we say that something “powered on” or “runs”, that simply means that we plugged it in for like literally 2 or 3 seconds and it seemed okay to us, it does not guarantee anything beyond that and we almost definitely did not test out any auxiliary functions. Almost everything we sell is a used item, it may or may not have all of it’s original pieces. Much of what we sell is old and used, it probably has flaws, sometimes substantial. Look at the photos, come to preview, do your own research.

Payments. We require you to register with a credit card, although we don’t automatically charge your card on file after the auction. This is because we accept CASH (not checks) and we waive the 5% buyer’s premium for Cash payments. A buyer’s premium is an amount added to your total (bids plus tax). If you bid $100 on a taxable item, sub total with tax may be $106.00 (6% Beaver County Sales Tax), your total for Cash is $106.00, your total for Credit Card is $111.30. You can bring payment with you, or you can pay ahead via the emailed invoice with your credit card on file.

Shipping. We rarely ship. Feel free to reach out if you require shipping, we very likely may decline. We definitely will not ship any jewelry, coins, silver, or gold. If shipping is possible, any and all time spent packing, billing, labeling, and physically taking the item to the Post Office will be billed at $50/hour (rounded into nearest 5 minute intervals).

Okay then, thanks for reading all of that and I think you are now ready to bid!

No donations for this lot

5% Buyer's Premium on Credit Cards.

Cash is Accepted, We waive buyer's premium on Cash Purchases.

6% Sales Tax where applicable

All Items are sold As-Is.

There are No Returns.


Please make a point to preview the items, we strive to “call out” damage when we see it, or at least, provide detailed photographs, however, we are NOT SPECIFICALLY LOOKING for damage. All items are sold AS-IS, unless explicitly stated otherwise in the description. Furthermore, our descriptions of the items are merely our honest opinion of material, date, or origin of the item, but should not be considered to be absolute fact, please use your own judgment or seek outside experts where necessary.


Again, Sold As-Is and No Returns.


Placing a bid with us constitutes that you are agreeing to these terms and will be familiar with our rules and expectations.


This auction allows you to place MAX BIDS - Otherwise known as a Proxy Bid. You may place the highest price that you are willing to pay for an item into the bidding field, the system will bid for you until you are the highest bidder and will continue to bid for you until somebody outbids you. Your bid will never exceed this amount, though it may be less if nobody has or does bid against you.


Sometimes you may find that you have been IMMEDIATELY outbid, it is because somebody has already place their own higher Max Bid on that item and the software automatically placed a bid for them against you.


As we do not disclose anybody's Max Bid before it has been met, sometimes the bidding history may appear a bit strange, or as though the increments are not being followed.


For Example,


The current bid on an item is $60 and the bid increment is $5. You must bid at least $65


Instead, you choose to bid higher and enter a maximum bid of $91 dollars


You become the lead bidder at $65


Another bidder comes in and must bid at least $70


So, he bids $70, then $75, then $90 in an attempt to become the highest bidder.


You become the lead bidder at $91 because your maximum bid is higher and was placed first


In the above scenario, if the other bidder only bid the next required increment each time, his bidding would have looked like:


$70, $75, $80, $85, $90 and then he would have been required to bid greater than $95 to beat you, as at $90, the increment is $5.


However, when the bidding was only at $70 and had he placed a max bid of $93, he would have won it for $93 as that was higher than your previously placed Max Bid of $91, even though it was not a full increment higher than your Max Bid, it was a greater amount than the $5 that was required to take the bid to $75. If they had instead bid $99, they would have won it for $96 as their max bid exceeded your bid plus the $5 increment, but did not need to go all the way up to their $99 to win.


TIE BREAKERS - When two bidders place a proxy bid for the same amount or when a straight bidder matches another bidder’s proxy bid, the bidder who placed the bid first will become the Tie Winner.


Bids must be placed in whole numbers. I.E. $1.00, $5.00, $23.00. Not $1.27.


Bidding Increments: You will be prompted to enter a bid that is at least one increment greater than the current bid. Bidding Increments increase as the bidding progresses according to this table



Up to... Increment


$25.00 $1.00


100.00 5.00


500.00 10.00


1,000.00 25.00


10,000.00 100.00



Carefully Consider Your Bids:


Once a bid has been placed, you are now bound to honor it. You are responsible to pay for it and to pick it up at the specified pick up time. BIDS WILL NOT BE RETRACTED ONCE THEY HAVE BEEN ACCEPTED.


Double Check Pick Up Dates and Location:


Each auction has a specified Pick Up Window. This should be considered an Event, unlike a retail store with open hours, this is essentially a one-time offering. You are expected to pick up your items at the time, on the date, and at the location that has been provided. You need to make it to the pick up, otherwise your items very likely will be forfeited, yet you will still be expected to pay for them. Have a contingency plan in place. We understand that "things happen" but we can only be of so much aid as our resources are limited especially when we are operating out of a remote location.



That being said, we definitely would prefer a phone call or email BEFORE the auction if you know that you can not make the pick up as opposed to you forgoing your bid, we will do our best to make alternative plans whenever those are available to us.


Any bidder with an item not paid for by the close of the scheduled pick up day will immediately have their cards charged unless prior arrangements have been made. In some cases, additional disposal fees (especially for bulky items) or transfer fees (if we elect to bring your items back to our warehouse from a remote location) may be charged in addition to your invoice.



Bidding Notes:


A Buyer's Premium may be in effect. This is listed as a percentage on the actual auction page and is charged in addition to your bid.


Sales Tax is applied to all applicable sales unless a proper Exemption Form gets filed.




Additional Bidding Notes:


If a bid is placed within the last minutes of an item closing, the clock will reset a few minutes to give you some additional time to place your bid, this prevents people from “sniping” in at the last second.


Once the auction begins, several lots will close each minute. So, items 1, 2, & 3 may close in the first minute. Items 4, 5, & 6 in the second, etc.


Notifications, Outbid and Items Won:


You will be notified by email if you are outbid on item.


Sometimes these emails will get directed into your spam folder, we highly recommend that you manually check in on the auction, especially as it is ending to see your standing.


We will email out invoices to the winning bidders shortly after the entire auction has ended.




Please do not arrive early and please do not intend to stay past the pick up window.


For most auctions, we collect payments upon pick up. We only charge your card if you ask us to, or if you fail to show.


Please bring payment with you. Cash or Credit Card, or Checks are for Established Bidders only.


You are also personally responsible to pack all small items, so bring boxes if necessary.


If an item gets damaged between your successful bid and being picked up, we will offer you a partial refund to take the item or offer you a full refund to void the sale.  No refund will ever exceed the sales price regardless of market value.

124 Hinds Street
Rochester, Pennsylvania 15074
United States

All items are to be picked up on the advertised scheduled date.

(if you know that you can't make it to the pick up event, reach out before bidding to see if alternate arrangements can be made, generally a fee will apply)

Some pick ups are by appointment only.

We will add links to the main description shortly after the last item of the auction closes.  This link will take you to a site where you can select a time for your arrival.

Slots are reserved on a first come basis. No pick up without first confirming a time.

There will be 1 slot scheduled per 10 minute interval.

You can pay cash at pick up.

If you want less contact - you can pay your bill directly from your invoice. Just click on "add payment"


Directions on how to reserve your spot via the website:

1) Click on Link
2) Choose Time by Clicking on Box in Green Sign Up Box
3) At Bottom, Click Orange Box for Submit and Sign Up
4) Next Page, Enter Name and Comment if you want to include one

Email is an optional field, not required

Click Here to schedule a time for Friday pick up.

Sorry, no shipping is available.

Online Only Auction, with Bidding ending on Thursday, September, 29th. (opens on Sunday, Sep. 25th)

     The first 3 lots will close at 6 pm, then 3 lots each minute after.  Bids placed within 3 minutes of an item ending will add 3 more minutes to the countdown clock.

All 3 Auctions this week will share the same preview and pick up times.

Preview before bidding on Saturday, September 24th, between 10 am and 4 pm.

Pick Ups:

Friday, September 30th (by appointment only between 9 am and 5 pm)

Saturday, October 1st between 10 am and 4 pm. (no appointment required)

Sunday, October 2nd between 10 am and Noon. (no appointment required)

Much of the furniture is being stored around the corner from our main warehouse at 184 Brighton Avenue.  Pick Ups for most furniture will be from there (on street parking and ground floor load out)

Please reach out before bidding if you require an alternate pick up date, we may be able to accommodate you, usually for an extra fee.

Everything Sold As-Is.  We do not authenticate or guarantee any item.  Mostly we just lay items out on a table and take a few survey photographs, we are not really inspecting and definitely not expressively looking for damage or missing parts.  If something says "tested ok", that just means it passed the quickest of tests and performed it's most basic function, not tested for full functionality.

5% Buyer's Premium waived for CASH. Checks only with Prior Approval. 6% Sales Tax on all applicable sales. Read full Terms.

We manually approve all new bidders - expect a lengthy delay between registration and your ability to bid.


Lots 154500 through 154606 came from a home with heavy cigarette use and show build up on them.

Sorry, no shipping is available.  Local pick up only.  We do not ship.