Privacy Policy

We sell lots of things, but we aren't in the business of selling your private data to third party marketing companies.

All of the personal data that we collect is used solely by us to offer a better auction experience.  Verifying identities of registered bidders to ensure that they are real people who intend to pick up and pay is extremely important to the auction process.

Beyond our servers, some of your information may be accessible to our software provider,, they are the company that created the interface and hosts our auctions.

All credit card transactions are run through an outside Payment Processing Provider via a gateway hosted by Authorize.Net.

We do collect "cookies".  A cookie is a small amount of data generated by a website and saved by your web browser. Its purpose is to remember information about you, similar to a preference file created by a software application.  The most common purpose is to store login information for our site.

Cookies can also be used by companies like Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Etc., to show you ads based on your interest in our company.  They generally do not contain personal information, but show that your computer visited our site and may be more likely to see ads from our company over ads from other companies.

You can always opt out of receiving these re-marketing advertisements by frequently clearing your cookies and browsing history.  Here is the link to permantly log out from cookies provided by Google

Cookies also help us determine how many people are visiting our site and how they interact with our site.  This information generally does not contain any personally identifiable information to us beyond the basic demographics like your town and the times you have intereacted with our site.