Please Read Thoroughly.


Placing a bid with us constitutes that you are agreeing to these terms and will be familiar with our rules and expectations.


This auction allows you to place MAX BIDS - Otherwise known as a Proxy Bid. You may place the highest price that you are willing to pay for an item into the bidding field, the system will bid for you until you are the highest bidder and will continue to bid for you until somebody outbids you. Your bid will never exceed this amount, though it may be less if nobody has or does bid against you.


Sometimes you may find that you have been IMMEDIATELY outbid, it is because somebody has already placed their own higher Max Bid on that item, and the software automatically placed a bid for them against you.


As we do not disclose anybody's Max Bid before it has been met, sometimes the bidding history may appear a bit strange, or as though the increments are not being followed.


For Example,


The current bid on an item is $60 and the bid increment is $5. You must bid at least $65


Instead, you choose to bid higher and enter a maximum bid of $91 dollars


You become the lead bidder at $65


Another bidder comes in and must bid at least $70


So, he bids $70, then $75, then $90 in an attempt to become the highest bidder.


You become the lead bidder at $91 because your maximum bid is higher and was placed first


In the above scenario, if the other bidder only bid the next required increment each time, his bidding would have looked like this:


$70, $75, $80, $85, $90, and then he would have been required to bid greater than $95 to beat you, as at $90, the increment is $5.


However, when the bidding was only at $70 and had he placed a max bid of $93, he would have won it for $93 as that was higher than your previously placed Max Bid of $91, even though it was not a full increment higher than your Max Bid, it was a greater amount than the $5 that was required to take the bid to $75. If they had instead bid $99, they would have won it for $96 as their max bid exceeded your bid plus the $5 increment, but did not need to go all the way up to their $99 to win.


TIE BREAKERS - When two bidders place a proxy bid for the same amount or when a straight bidder matches another bidder’s proxy bid, the bidder who placed the bid first will become the Tie Winner. We highly recommend "rounding up" your bids to prevent ties, i.e. bid $10.27 instead of $10.00.


Bidding Increments: You will be prompted to enter a bid that is at least one increment greater than the current bid. Bidding Increments increase as the bidding progresses according to this table


Up to...      Increment

$25.00             $1.00

100.00               5.00

500.00             10.00

1,000.00          25.00

10,000.00      100.00


All Items are sold AS-IS:


Please make a point to preview the items, we strive to “call out” damage when we see it, or at least, provide detailed photographs, however, we are NOT SPECIFICALLY LOOKING for damage. All items are sold AS-IS unless explicitly stated otherwise in the description. Furthermore, our descriptions of the items are merely our honest opinion of the material, date, or origin of the item, but should not be considered to be absolute fact, please use your own judgment or seek outside experts where necessary.


Carefully Consider Your Bids:


Once a bid has been placed, you are now bound to honor it. You are responsible to pay for it and to pick it up at the specified pickup time. BIDS WILL NOT BE RETRACTED ONCE THEY HAVE BEEN ACCEPTED.


Double Check Pick Up Dates and Location:


Each auction has a specified Pick Up Window. This should be considered an Event, unlike a retail store with open hours, this is essentially a one-time offering. You are expected to pick up your items at the time, on the date, and at the location that has been provided. You need to make it to the pickup, otherwise, your items very likely will be forfeited, yet you will still be expected to pay for them. Have a contingency plan in place. We understand that "things happen" but we can only be of so much aid as our resources are limited especially when we are operating out of a remote location.


That being said, we definitely would prefer a phone call or email BEFORE the auction if you know that you can not make the pick up as opposed to you forgoing your bid, we will do our best to make alternative plans whenever those are available to us.


Any bidder with an item not paid for by the close of the scheduled pickup day will immediately have their cards charged unless prior arrangements have been made. In some cases, additional disposal fees (especially for bulky items) or transfer fees (if we elect to bring your items back to our warehouse from a remote location) may be charged in addition to your invoice.



Bidding Notes:


A Buyer's Premium may be in effect. This is listed as a percentage on the actual auction page and is charged in addition to your bid.


Sales Tax is applied to all applicable sales unless a proper Exemption Form gets filed.





Additional Bidding Notes:



If a bid is placed within the last minutes of an item closing, the clock will reset a few minutes to give you some additional time to place your bid, this prevents people from “sniping” in at the last second.


Once the auction begins, several lots will close each minute. So, items 1, 2, & 3 may close in the first minute. Items 4, 5, & 6 in the second, etc.


We accept "Max Bids" on all items. We define a "Max Bid" as an amount that you would be willing to bid up to. Essentially, the computer will bid on your behalf against other bidders as they place bids on the same item. It will not bid beyond this amount.


If you are already the current high bidder on an item and you increase your own MAX BID, the current bid will be increased by one increment. It is best to wait until you have been outbid before increasing your MAX.


Notifications, Outbid, and Items Won:


You will be notified by email if you are outbid on an item.


Sometimes these emails will get directed to your spam folder, we highly recommend that you manually check in on the auction, especially as it is ending to see your standing.


We will email out invoices to the winning bidders shortly after the entire auction has ended.





Please do not arrive early and please do not intend to stay past the pickup window.


For most auctions, we collect payments upon pick up. We only charge your card if you ask us to, or if you fail to show.



Please bring payment with you: Cash or Credit Card. Checks are for Established Bidders only.



You are also personally responsible to pack all small items, so bring boxes if necessary.



If purchasing large items, you are responsible to bring your own labor, so bring help with you plus blankets and straps to secure your load.


If your lot contains a lot of items, you are expected to take all of the items that were intended to be included. You may not pick and choose which items to take and leave the rest, disposal fees will be sanctioned for items left behind.



Software Glitches / Errors


In the event that a server goes down or there is a significant interruption to the normal auction process, we may elect to close the auction down, even retrospectively (the auction has ended, bidding is over, but there was a major misfunction that did not allow for all bidders to participate in the manner that they wished).  In these unusual cases, we reserve the right to cancel all bids, we would most likely start the auction over at a future date.